Roller Shutter Maintenance

Roller Shutter Maintenance

Roller Shutter Maintenance

While some security protection, like fixed bars and grilles is fit and forget, others require maintenance and occasional repair. Moving components like motors, gears, hinges and locks can be expected to give many years of trouble-free service but will eventually need service or replacement. Other items, especially sensors, require regular inspection and maintenance.

At our north west London factory we have all the tools and facilities to rebuild, repair or upgrade the larger items of fixed and moving security equipment, while our association with the locksmiths at our sister company West London Security Centre lets us service locks, change keying, provide master or electronic keys and much more.

At The Shutter Grille and Gate Co, we're expert at keeping security protection working well, and are available on an as-needed or regular basis to make repairs, service components, provide security inspections, and perform insurance surveys. Once you've installed physical security measures, it's important to keep them working well to maintain the level of protection your home or your business deserves. We're here to help you do just that.

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