Making retail shops and stores secure

Visible Retail Security

By definition, shops and stores contain things that people want. And sometimes, late at night or in the early hours, they don't want to pay for them.

That's why visible, robust and dissuasive security is a must for retailers large and small. Of course, you need good locks and alarms, and our sister company, West London Security Centre, can provide just that. But violent entry, and grab-and-run tactics by intruders can by-pass locks, and they'll be long gone by the time there's an alarm response. Your first line of defence should be visible physical security, and that's just what Shutters Grilles and Gates specialises in.

We're fully aware, too, of another aspect of retail security. That's brand image. The essence of many brands is openness, communication, light. Turning a store, visually, into a fortress can counter the business's brand values. That's why we offer solutions that provide security while retaining, even enhancing, a shop's brand image. Please, read on.

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I called this company in an absolute panic as my car was stuck inside my parents driveway gates and I had to get to the airport, to catch a flight. I spoke to a very charming young man on the phone, who informed me due to where I was and where their operatives were, they could not get to me quick enough. He then went on to, to ask me to send some pictures of the gates to him, as he should be able to talk me through opening them manually myself. Within two minutes of me sending the pictures, I was called straight back and spoken through opening them and locking them behind me, so my parents home was still safe. When I offered some form of payment, this was declined and I was told to have a nice holiday. Needless to say I made my flight. Thank you so much


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